G.C.E. s.r.l. is a medium-sized cable producing group and was founded end of 1994 by technicians and managers that had plenty of experience in design and production of special cables for low-voltage applications.

Factory and offices are divided in two different locations, that represent the different entities:

Factory 1 at Polesine Zibello (province of Parma) is focussed on the large scale production of control cables, and special cables.

Factory 2 at Pieveottoville – Polesine Zibello (province of Parma) manufactures special copper strands and ropes, braids  and preassembled earthing connections.

GCE provides a high level of service and quality, that is assured by its experienced staff, new machinery and permanent investments in high end production technologies, properly equipped testing departments with an independent quality management.

The ISO 9001 approval is just a logic consequence of this chain, and as part of our environmental commitment the European directive on the use of hazardous substances has already been established as standard.

The globalisation of the markets does also concern GCE. Besides the different European homologations that have been assigned to us, we do supply our cables regularly to overseas markets and have a vast range of our products UL and CSA listed.

As a supplier of the machine tool industry we support the international standardisation of decentralised cabling and we promote the DESlNA® concept by choosing the proposed colour coding of cables as our factory standard.

We are confident that this general catalogue provides a first overview over our manufacturing possibilities. However, a catalogue cannot cover everything: Many cables that we manufacture are specials done according to customers specification.

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